Why You Have Cravings During Your Period

Why You Have Cravings During Your Period

We’ve all been there - those days of the month when we just can’t seem to get enough food cravings. Those cravings that hit us like a ton of bricks, and no matter what we do, they won’t go away. Well, it turns out that these intense cravings during our periods are totally normal – and here's why! 

First off, hormones play a huge role in our ability to control hunger pangs. During the menstrual cycle (specifically the luteal phase), progesterone levels drop significantly which can lead to an increase in appetite as well as increased sensitivity towards sweet or salty foods. 

Secondly, low serotonin levels have also been linked with stronger urges for unhealthy snacks such as chocolate or chips due to their ability to stimulate dopamine production - which is responsible for feelings of pleasure and satisfaction when eating them. 

Lastly, (and most importantly!) it has been suggested that these cravings may be nature's way of helping us replenish lost nutrients from menstruation - so next time you're feeling overwhelmed by your cravings, try reaching for some healthy options instead!  

So while having intense cravings during your period might feel like torture at times; remember, they are completely natural and there’s nothing wrong with indulging every now & then too! ;)

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