Red Days Do Not Have To Be Stop Days

Red Days Do Not Have To Be Stop Days

Anticipation of something that varies in women may be hard to understand for those who are of the opposite gender. It can be a no pain, just 3-5 days kind of monthly thing. It can be a painful 5-14 days monthly. In rare times, some women’s menstrual period can last a month; for some, it may be longer or for some, it does not come for months. Menstrual health is not just the physical aspects of menstruation, it involves education, destigmatization, and access to health supplements and hygiene products.

Going about one’s day on one of the red days can be challenging. It’s true that women can track their menstrual cycle, and some can even lessen their physical activities when the day is approaching, but most of the time, one has to power through it. The approaches may vary.

A change in one’s lifestyle and diet can help manage these symptoms. Some women may practice mindful eating, or take a nap or take some painkillers; but is that the long term solution? With consistent consumption of Scarlet, along with a healthy diet, exercise, enough sleep, etc. - optimal women’s health can be achieved because one of the core benefits of Scarlet is to support menstrual health.

You can be a career woman, a  mother who works, a mother who looks after the kids and home full time, it doesn’t matter your role but we can imagine the pain when we cannot be at our best.  With education, awareness and support, both men and women can better understand the complex depth of menstrual health and create a more harmonious life, because “there is life in every period!” Give Scarlet a try now, click here.

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